GWO BST - Sea Survival


The purpose of this module is to give participants involved in the offshore wind turbine industry the knowledge and skills that will enable them to safely act and carry out the right preventive measures in connection with all offshore activities, i.e., from land to installation vessels and vice versa. This applies to the management of both normal and emergency situations in an offshore wind turbine environment.

In general, the course provides participants with basic knowledge and skills to enable them to work safely in the wind turbine industry. As such, the course meets the requirements for new employees and the handling of emergency situations in the offshore wind turbine industry.

Course dates:
GWO - Sea Survival
GWO - Sea Survival




You will be certified in GWO WINDA after completing the course.

The participants will be evaluated after every course

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Practical information

Duration: 5 days
Class hours: 8 AM to 4 PM
Educationplace: Global Wind Academy, Sydkajen 10, 7600 Struer

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